Shoreline Community Care began in 1994 as a ministry of Northwest Church of Christ in Shoreline, WA. We are currently a cooperative effort of several churches in Shoreline operating as an independent non-profit organization.

The primary activity of Shoreline Community Care is to help people who are in need in Shoreline, WA in the name of Jesus Christ. We have a remote-accessible answering machine with a message that promises a 48-hour response. A Response Team Leader monitors this message machine. The Response Team Leader refers calls to teams of volunteers (the "Response Teams") who return the calls, conduct fact-finding interviews, verify the information and determine an appropriate response. We help with needs that we determine to be legitimate. Most of the calls we get are calls for help with rent, food, utility bills, and household goods. The money is sent to the landlord, or the utility company, the client is given food from a food pantry or household goods are delivered. Occasionally we will get a call asking for help with yard work or home repairs. In these cases, we arrange for the work to be done by volunteers or to be paid for by Shoreline Community Care. Cash is never given directly to the client. We have a phone line available 24 hours a day, every day.

Shoreline Community Care is developing Care Teams who will follow up with clients after the initial aid is given, to see if further help is needed such as job training, or counseling. The goal is to come alongside people to help them to become self-sufficient members of society, as well as to introduce them to Jesus Christ and offer the opportunity to become involved in a local church where they can develop a permanent support system.We also plan to develop Care Corp teams, which would operate in each church, that participates in the ministry of Shoreline Community Care. These people would promote Shoreline Community Care within their congregations, recruit new volunteers and keep their congregations informed of developments within Shoreline Community Care.

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