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Type of help we provide

Due to the Social Distancing requirements we are only doing phone interviews. Call 206 496 3116 to schedule a phone interview

Our typical requests are for help with rent, food, utility bills, and other household needs. After an interview, the team will determine how best to help. A check can then mailed to the landlord or utility company for between one hundred and one hundred and fifty dollars. Other help is available. Team members can discuss family budgeting to cut expenses, getting more income and making other changes to reduce financial dependence.  They may also suggest other resources. We offer to pray with anyone for any concerns they have.  This help is only available to individuals and families in the City of Shoreline. That is home address is north of 145th St. south of 205th St. In the zip codes 98155, 98133 and 98177.

What to expect

We are only on site for scheduled appointments. The interview appointment is scheduled ahead of time by calling 206 496 3116.  The call goes to voice mail 24X7 including weekends and holidays.  Clients  will be contacted in less than 48 hours, usually the next day.

Things we do require:

Clients are asked to bring identification such as a driver’s license, a list of all average household monthly income and a list of all  average monthly expenses for the last few months. If you don’t have a written budget we can schedule a separate time to make a budget before we can schedule an interview.   Clients are asked to provide the name, phone number and address of the landlord or the current utility bill which is being paid.  Clients are asked to  provide the  names and ages of household members.

All client information is confidential and used only for the purpose of determining how best to help the family. Records are stored securely and destroyed after 3 years.

Things we do not require:

We do not require clients to be Christian or attend a church in order to get help. We do not require social security numbers. We do not require proof of income. We do not require an eviction notice or shutoff notice.

We can provide directions and bus information to make sure that people arrive on time for the interview. Every person’s time is valuable. Please call in advance if plans change. Many of our clients tell us that our listening to them, the plans we help them make, the referrals  and the prayers for their concerns were more helpful in the long term than the financial help.

We help with needs that we determine to be legitimate. Interviews are Scheduled in advance and held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 – 11:00 at Berean Bible Church, 2345 N 185 St Shoreline WA 98133. No one is available in the office unless there are interviews scheduled. There are no walk in interviews. Access is from the west parking lot. Buses stop within at 346 (Meridain Ave N )and 348 185th and 1st Ave NE.  Bus tickets and gas cards are available.

How to contact us

We have a phone line available 24 hours a day, every day: 206-496-3116. Use this line to make an interview appointment.  If you need translation, please leave the language needed in the voice mail.  We will make an effort to find a translation resource.

Non Discrimination policy

Shoreline Community Care is a Christian organization. All funding is private from individuals, churches and businesses. However, all decisions are made solely on the basis of the best interests of the individual or family without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, church participation, disability or sexual orientation.  We do limit financial support to those residing in Shoreline.

Privacy policy

No information provided by our clients is ever released to any other public or private entity unless it is specifically requested in writing by the client.

Additional resources

Our Community Resources page contains a current list of additional resources available to you in the local area.